Sen. Scott stops in Seneca with Message of Hope

U.S. Senator Tim Scott made a stop in Seneca Wednesday afternoon with a message of hope. Concerned citizens packed Seneca Family Restaurant on Highway 123 to ask the Republican Senator, who seeks re-election next month, several questions about the presidential race. “It’s just to be hopeful, for us to be optimistic about the future of the country. Certainly, as you heard, tons of questions around Trump and the challenges that we see. From a Republican perspective, my goal really is to focus on what we have in common and try to bring the conversation back to the issues that matter, from Social Security to education to Medicare to our veterans, to keep bringing the issues back to where we can actually make a difference for the country.” The meet-and-greet hosted by the Oconee County Republican Party, proceeded Sen. Scott’s speech at Clemson University. The event there, co-hosted by Opportunity Lives and Turning Point USA, focused on solutions to poverty, continues Sen. Scott. “Hope and opportunity is the message there. We have to continue to remind people that this is the greatest nation on Earth and we will continue to be so, which means that if you have had a difficult time, be hopeful, the best is yet to come and if you are in a positive position, find a way to reinvest your resources in a constructive manner to make life better for somebody behind you.” As for the Nov. 8 General Election, Sen. Scott encourages voters to educate themselves before going to the polls. “Do your homework, this is going to be a tough choice for a lot of folks, it’s not for me, but it is going to be a tough choice for a lot of folks but take the time, not just listen to what you read, do a little research and you’ll find that the Left has as much toxicity as the Right.” In his re-election bid, Sen. Scott faces challengers Thomas Dixon, Bill Bledsoe and Michael Scarborough.