Americans feeling Positive about Economy

A new survey about the economy finds Americans feeling more positive about their net worth. Greg McBride with has the research. “We are starting to see more consistently positive attitudes with regards to net worth, more people saying their net worth has improved over the preceding year.” McBride credits a few factors with the change in attitude about the economy. “Aided by not only the rebounding housing market but the sharp run up in stock prices over the last several months.  We say a big jump in how consumers report their net worth in January; it is now in positive territory.” More people are beginning to save, says McBride. “We did see an improvement in savings; however, it is still sharply in negative territory, consumers by an overwhelming margin feel less comfortable with their savings that they have today relative to what they had a year ago.” The survey found Americans feeling more positive about their job security, adds McBride. “Job security posted a nice rebound in January, I think buoyed by the fact that the fiscal cliff was averted.  There was a lot of concern that if we did go over the fiscal cliff that that was going to lead to job losses.” The survey revealed that consumers do not feel that they have fallen far behind where they were a year ago but just that they are not in a position where they are actually holding steady or making much progress in regards to their finances.