Anderson County Announces Approval of Opioid Settlement Fund Projects

At its meeting on June 19th, the South Carolina Opioid Recovery Fund (SCORF) Board approved three opioid remediation projects submitted by Anderson County.  The projects have a combined budget of $628,442 and are as follows:

  1. FAVOR/AnMed Recovery Services PartnershipThis initiative will expand existing recovery support services offered by FAVOR Upstate at AnMed Medical Center. Given recent increases in opioid-related addiction caseloads, Anderson County, AnMed, and FAVOR have concluded that an increase in the scope and capacity of recovery support services provided by FAVOR at the Medical Center is necessary. FAVOR Upstate is a Recovery Community Organization (RCO) providing support services to individuals and families affected by substance use disorder. APPROVED BUDGET: $94,380
  1. FAVOR Community Recovery ServicesFunding will be used to support general community services offered by FAVOR Upstate to Anderson County citizens affected by substance use disorders (SUD), including individuals with the disease and their friends and families in need of support. An estimated 27,000 Anderson County citizens aged 18 and older are currently living with an untreated SUD. Considering also that 4-5 family members and friends are negatively impacted by an individual’s SUD, the true target demographic of Anderson County residents needing support and recovery services approaches 108,000 people. SCORF funding will be used by FAVOR to provide community engagement specialists, recovery coaches, and peer-support specialists to serve Anderson County. APPROVED BUDGET: $183,720
  1. Love Well, Capacity Building & Residential Treatment: Our community has a critical, immediate need for residential treatment space for females suffering from addiction. This assessment is shared by key stakeholders of the Anderson County’s Drug Court, Detention Center, Public Defender’s Office, and Solicitor’s Office. In response to this need, Anderson County will establish a drug and alcohol residential treatment center for women to be operated under the auspices of Love Well, a 501(c)(3) organization. The Love Well Center will provide comprehensive and gender-specific care to up to 36 women annually seeking recovery from addiction. Love Well’s Residential Center Program clients will have a four-month stay with programming that adheres to evidence-based strategies. Love Well staff will be comprised of licensed therapists, wellness experts, and support staff committed to providing compassionate care and support and working collaboratively to create an atmosphere that promotes overall well-being. APPROVED BUDGET: $350,342