Another defining moment for President Obama

Tragedies have long defined presidencies, President Roosevelt united the country after Japan attacked Pearl Harbor and President Bush rallied Americans after the terrorist attacks of 9/11.  After last Friday’s horrific school shooting in Connecticut, President Obama is tasked with solidifying the country.  Clemson University Political Science Professor Dr. Joseph Stewart praised the President’s speech to the country Monday night. “I thought President Obama gave a superb speech the other night and I thought he gave a superb speech more as a father than as a President.  I think that made a real difference, he was able to connect to people, but the question is will we be able to move beyond this and I think there is potential here, will we take advantage of it, we will know a month from now.” Dr. Stewart says this latest shooting could serve as a focusing event for the country. “What I teach the public policy class, I talk about this kind of event being a focusing event.  This is the kind of thing where there is the potential to change public policy, what the government actually does.  Whether we will or not depends on leadership.” Americans are looking to its leaders now more than ever on ways to heal from this latest horrific event in the nation’s history.