Be an Oconee Ally with OEA

The Oconee Economic Alliance (OEA) wants community members, local business and industry, as well as investors to become an Oconee Ally. This is a digital ambassador program, explains OEA Interim Executive Director Janet Hartman. “The Oconee Ally program is a digital marketing initiative established by the OEA to strengthen dialogue with community members, local business and industry, as well as investors. Oconee Ally program participants will be called on to share timely OEA updates through Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn and Instagram. Oconee Ally participants, as digital ambassadors, will receive content via email that they will be prompted to share through their social networks. As participants share information, they will earn points and be eligible to win prizes for sharing. The OEA encourages anyone who is passionate about Oconee County and eager to share why this is the geography of opportunity to sign up to be an Oconee Ally.” To sign up, visit or call the OEA at 864-638-4210. Later this month, the OEA will announce this year’s Oconee Ally winner, adds Hartman. “This month we have our Annual Meeting. On Nov. 15, the OEA will have our Annual Meeting with all of our investors and we will be announcing who our Oconee Ally winner is for this year.” The OEA is a public-private nonprofit effort to accelerate job creation and capital investment, increase per capita income, diversify the local tax base and generate awareness of Oconee County, South Carolina as a business location. To learn more, visit