Be Truthful on Job Applications

A survey from finds that there are often significant problems with the references given by job applicants, not the least of which is the fact that the references may not actually exist. CareerBuilder’s Jennifer Grasz says that you cannot fake references and you had better check with your references in advance. “What the study really speaks to is the importance of choosing your job references very wisely, making sure you have the right people in your corner championing your skills and your abilities.” Be honest about your references, says Grasz. “80% of employers do follow up and contact references.  They will do background checks and so chances are they are going to find out about it, so, it is better to be honest.” You had better ask someone in advance if they will give you a reference, adds Grasz.  “15% of workers reported that have listed someone as a reference but they didn’t tell that person.  You could really run into some issues there if that person doesn’t want to serve as a reference for you that could potentially lead to an awkward or even damaging interaction with a potential employer.” Grasz warns about faking references. “29% of employers say that they have caught a fake reference on a candidate’s application and what is also interesting was that 62% of employers said that they have had an experience where they contacted a reference within an application and the reference didn’t have good things to say about the candidate.” To read the complete survey or to find more helpful job hunting tips, visit