Bus Drivers needed in SDOC

The School District of Oconee County (SDOC) needs more bus drivers, explains Assistant Superintendent of Operations Steve Hanvey. “We have a consistent need for bus drivers in our district. Right now if we were to start the year coming up we are about nine short, but we do have some opportunities, there are some classes that are available this month and there will be another class in July where folks can get trained and then there is a class that will start in August about the time that our teachers come back for those who would like to get certified and get their CDL so they can drive a bus for the school district. We have increased the pay $2 an hour at each step over the last couple of years and there is potential that it will go up a little bit more based on the upcoming budget for next year. We guarantee them benefits; at 30 hours we consider that full-time for them and they spend most of that time driving a bus during the morning, afternoon and sometimes during the day with different routes. So, if they are interested they can reach out to our Transportation Department by calling 864-886-4400 extension 6158.” If you are interested in becoming a bus driver, learn more by visiting the SDOC’s website at www.oconee.k12.sc.us.