Christmas Lights coming down in Seneca

The holidays are winding down and just a few days left to see the Christmas lights in the City of Seneca.  “The Street Department when they get back to work, they are going to have to start taking everything down.  That is somewhat sad; I love it when it goes up and get sad when it comes down.  There is so much hard work that goes into it, but those crews do an amazing job putting everything together, but they will be taking everything down this week.” Seneca Mayor Dan Alexander thanks the city employees who were responsible for decorating the city for the holidays. “All the work that goes into it comes from several different people, but Tony Mize’s crew is the main ones that put everything up and in the right place.  Therefore, Mark Crabee’s crew with the Street Department and Bob Faires’ crew with the Utilities Department handle the lights each year.  They work hand in hand.  The Street Department puts everything where it needs to go and the Utilities Department comes behind and makes sure everything is installed and lights up.” If you happen to see one of these city employees thank them for the job they did in making the holidays a little brighter this year.