Clemson Area Transit Holds Celebration To Welcome Ten New Electric Buses To The Fleet

(Seneca, SC)—–CATbus or Clemson Area Transit held a ribbon cutting and celebration at their facility in Clemson to welcome the addition of ten electric powered buses to replace ten diesel buses in their fleet. 

Among the speakers at yesterday event was Oconee State Senator Thomas Alexander, Seneca Mayor Dan Alexander and Clemson Mayor J.C. Cook. 

After the ceremony, Keith Moody, who is General Manager of Clemson Area Transit, said that the addition of the new electric buses will help to take pollutants out of the air while making things for efficient for those they serve and the public. 

Moody says that the electric buses are more efficient in regards to maintenance and the use of fuel, which is lower, so tax dollars are used more wisely. 

Moody said that with the addition of the electric buses replacing the diesel buses, over half of the fleet of buses with Clemson Area Transit will be electric. Clemson Area Transit now becomes the first agency of its kind in the nation with over half of its fleet being electric buses. 

After a period of testing, Moody anticipates the new buses being placed in operation sometime this summer.