Cold Weather Safety Tips for Pets

With frigid temperatures, the Oconee County Humane Society is encouraging residents to bring pets indoors, explains Angel Newman. “It is miserable outside and as soon as you walk out and say it is cold, your pets say the same thing because if you are cold, your pets are cold. It is so important to remember that, people think that because they have fur they can stay nice and warm. Domesticated pets today just don’t have that level of protection, there’s very few breeds of dogs that really should stay outside or can endure outside and certainly not cats. So, we at the Humane Society just hope that everyone will bring their pets in just to a warm space inside your house and keep them as comfortable as you are.” Make sure that pets have unlimited access to fresh, non-frozen water, continues Newman. “This time of year, everything freezes in a minute of your windshield or anywhere outside, that your pets water or even stray pets or feral cats. They don’t have access to water that isn’t frozen so be sure you provide something outside even for the wild animals to be able to get something to drink, birds and so on, it’s very important.” Newman recommends paying special attention to your pets’ paws. “The paws are so sensitive and anytime they are out in this cold they can get frost bit in a matter of minutes. Not to mention, the ice melt or snow melt that is put is very dangerous and lethal as well as antifreeze, so be sure to clean your pets’ paws off before they come in the house, every time, get them dry and keep them inside, that is the important thing.” In addition, pets burn extra energy by trying to stay warm in the winter, so, feeding your pet a little bit more can provide much-needed calories.