CU Supercomputer is 5th among US Universities

Clemson University’s Palmetto Cluster ranks fifth on the list of university-owned supercomputers in the United States, according to the June 2013 Top 500 list of international supercomputers. The Palmetto Cluster is a collaborative environment where IT specialists work in partnership with faculty and students to create an advanced cyberinfrastructure that serves the needs of a multi-disciplinary set of programs.  It also enables research and other computationally intense work that could not be done prior to the development of the system. The ranking recognizes Clemson’s new role as a leader in campus-based, high-performance computing systems.  In addition Clemson University’s academic community is now equipped to compete for and win contracts and grants that were previously out of reach.  Since 1993, the Top 500 list has been produced twice a year and is the most extensive survey of trends and changes in the global supercomputing arena.