CWP would help keep Schools Safe

In the wake of public shootings across the United States, many suggestions have been voiced on the proper way to protect kids from gun violence.  On Friday during his listening tour about the Second Amendment, Third District Congressman Jeff Duncan spoke about Concealed Weapon Permits and he feels this would prevent school shootings like the one recently at Virginia Tech. “If you look up the statistics where you have a gun free zone and no body with the ability to defend themselves, the rate is about 18.2 people killed before the perpetrator is stopped or kills himself.  Where law-abiding citizens have access to a firearm that goes down to 2.6 murders and so criminals are still going to perpetrate that but he could be stopped a lot quicker and you won’t have that massacre.  What I would tell teachers and parents is let us truly protect these children.  Lets put the resources there or lets allow law abiding citizens to carry.” Congressman Duncan spoke to a group of 75 residents Friday afternoon in Seneca at Southern Firearms and Saddle on Ram Cat Alley.  “I believe in lawful, law-abiding citizens that have gotten a Concealed Weapon Permit have the ability to carry where ever.” If you were unable to see Congressman Duncan during his listening tour on Friday, you are invited to write him a letter or email about your views on the Second Amendment.