National Hunting and Fishing Day

Mark your calendars for Saturday, Sept. 22, to enjoy National Hunting and Fishing Day at South Cove Park in Seneca. Oconee County Parks, Recreation and Tourism Director Phil Shirley invites everyone to this free event. “Sept. 22, we will be hosting National Hunting and Fishing Day. There will be a number of different things going on in and around the park. We will have what they call ‘Conservation Lane’, which is where all the booths set up and you will have anything that you can think of to do with hunting, fishing, wildlife and the outdoors. The South Carolina Department of Natural Resources (DNR) will set up their fisheries booth, they have a trout tank they’re going to set up. There will be different wildlife booths; a master naturalist booth, some beekeepers, the Clemson Shotgun Club and I’m sure we will have a presence there about all the cool things you can do in and around the county. Then there are hands-on activities that you can participate in with your kids. There will be archery, fishing, the air rifle trailer from the DNR, fly-fishing demos, learning how to tie flies if you go trout fishing, some butterfly information, kayaking opportunities and then there will be a couple of food trucks on hand for lunch that day. So, bring your family out and enjoy, plan on having lunch at the park, but what is really cool, if you have been to South Cove between the new office and the camp ground there is like a u-shaped cove and they are going to come in and put a barrier in that cove and they’re going to stock that cove for National Hunting and Fishing Day, so that people can enjoy the fishing opportunity around that cove area.” This National Hunting and Fishing Day event is sponsored by the DNR. The free family adventure from 9am to 3pm is open to the public. South Cove Park is located at 1099 South Cove Road in Seneca. For more information, call the park at 864-882-5250.


Sep 22 2018


9:00 am - 3:00 pm
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