Former Seneca Lion President honored

The Upstate District of the International Lions Club recently recognized a member of the local Seneca Club for his service and outstanding leadership.  Seneca Lion Kathy Carrol gives details. “The past District Governor Jim Starnes and the present District Governor Joe Dill presented an award to last year’s President Dean Garland.  It is called a 100% medal because everything that needed to be done during his presidency, he did and he did a fantastic job.  This was a surprise to him; he did not know he was receiving this award.  So, it was nice social time to present it to him and we were very honored that he was able to get that.” Seneca Lions Club second vice president Jim Atkinson praised Garlandfor the leadership he provided during his presidency. “Yes he is, was and always will be with the Lions.  To say who is better than him in the club as president is a hard thing to say.  In the years that I have been with them now, I don’t have a president in that club that I haven’t been proud of.”Garland received the 100% medal during a Lions Christmas dinner hosted by Kathy and Ron Carrol.  He will also be recognized at the Lions Club District Convention in Greenville, January 11-12.