Georgia Department Of Transportation Awards Contracts For Four Projects In Northeast Georgia

(Seneca, SC)—–The Georgia Department of Transportation has awarded four projects to the Northeast Region of the state totaling $4.7 million dollars.

Two of those projects are in Habersham County.  One project will consist of resurfacing State Route 105 from north of State Route 385 to south of State Route 17.  The project will cost around $2.3 million dollars and will extend roughly nine miles.  The estimated date of completion is April of 2020.

The second Habersham County project will involve the rehabilitation of two bridges, the US23/State Route 365 bridge over Wilbanks Road and the US23/State Route 365 bridge over the Tallulah River.  The project cost is around $1.1 million dollars and has an estimated completion date of February 2020.