Graham votes to end Government Shutdown

U.S. Senator Lindsey Graham (R-SC) Monday made this statement after casting a vote to end the federal government shutdown. The legislation passed by the Senate was first proposed by Senator Graham on Friday night after consulting with a bipartisan group of Senators. “Ending the government shutdown stops the losing for the country. But it’s not winning. Winning is solving the nation’s problems. Winning is ensuring we have the funding needed for our military to meet the tremendous challenges they face. Nothing means more to me than making sure we take care of our military’s needs as they fight a war we can’t afford to lose. Today, we took a giant step forward in that direction. Winning is ensuring we have a process in place to deal with expiration of DACA, as these young people know no other home than the United States. I believe the process we have created will allow us to get a result on these and other important issues. I enjoyed working with my colleagues, on both sides of the aisle, as we searched for breakthroughs that would not only keep the government running, but ultimately make it work for the American people.”