Join the OHC’s Ancestors Gallery

As part of their mission to promote and preserve the history of Oconee County, the Oconee Heritage Center (OHC) collects historic photographs year round, explains Director and Curator Leslie Hagerty. “The Ancestors Gallery has been a really neat part of the exhibit. Obviously, Oconee County is a big county and historically has quit a few prominent families that it is hard to recognize all of them. So, the Ancestors Gallery is a way that people can submit photos of their Oconee County ancestors and have them featured in the museum permanently as a really neat reminder of everyone that has been here. It is very affordable too, $25 will place your photo up there. We scan it and give it back to you, so you get to keep that as a family heirloom and we get to put it in the museum.” Photos must be of Oconee County relatives and the photo needs to be at least 50-years-old. To learn more visit,