Leak Repairs underway at Seneca City Hall and Police Station

Repairs are underway at Seneca City Hall and the Police Station to fix a leaking pipe in the basement of both buildings. Seneca City Administrator Greg Dietterick received approval Monday night from the Seneca City Council to spend $30-50,000 on the repairs. “There was a conduit that tied the two buildings together that had computer cables in them that tied the Police Station to City Hall to the servers. That conduit was never glued and it separated and rain water was getting into the pipe system and flooding out the basements. So, we’ve had to expose the outside walls, we will re-waterproof them, replace the conduit system and seal it all up. There were shrubs out front, we’re going to get ride of the shrubs, we’re going to pour concrete, put a little fence around the front, and make it a decorative front and then lit it up. We’re going to have to change some of the gutter structures in order to receive the waters off the valleys that we found were challenged.” Most of the repair work will be done in-house, continues Dietterick. “A lot of the work we’ll do in-house with our construction crews that we already have but the finish work they take it out to do a little bit of concrete work. All the other stuff is done in-house, so we track each one of those to make sure that we get charged out to the right building repairs on all of that.” If the weather holds, the plan is for crews to pour concrete this week and then fences will be made. Repairs are anticipated to be complete in 3-4 weeks.