A new position at the Oconee rock quarry will reward a former county inmate who intends to go straight to work after his jail sentence. The County Council on Tuesday voted to create a new position at the rock quarry that is expected to be filled by one of two graduates of the Life After Lockup outreach program at the Oconee County detention center. The impetus for the new position is an inmate who came to work at the quarry in August and completed master miner training and also began driving a haul truck. The inmate reportedly had previous experience with heavy equipment. County administrator Amanda Brock made clear to Council members that the job wasn’t being created specifically for the inmate, but there was an inmate who was expected to qualify for it. Should he not work out, Brock said, there was another inmate who was also expected to meet the qualifications. As the quarry is an enterprise fund, Brock said, creating the position involves no county tax funds. Council chairman Julian Davis praised the Life After Lockup program and the county rock quarry for “giving somebody a second chance.
February 19, 2020 Dick Mangrum