Make plans to attend Jazz Fest 2018

If you enjoyed the opening night of Jazz on the Alley last night, then you will love three nights of the event planned for April 19-21. Seneca Mayor Dan Alexander says he is looking forward to Jazz Fest 2018. “Events Coordinator Riley Johnson and I talked about what we could do a little different. One thing that we do every year with some of the non-profit organizations in our community, we like to recognize them and some of those are outside of the city limits of Seneca, but we try to support different organizations through Oconee County and what they are doing to improve the quality of life here in Oconee County by helping people. I know we will have special groups there that weekend that we will be helping with their non-profit. But the fun part that I’m looking forward to is that it is a three day event. Thursday night is already a huge success. I know the businesses are looking forward to it and having a three day festival sort of. So, I think it is going to be good. This will be the first time we have done it and then we have another planned for the end of the season in the fall. We will see how this goes but I feel like it is going to be good.” Jazz Fest 2018 features Grooveplanet on Thursday, April 19, Jamie Wright on Friday, April 20, and Magic Band on Saturday, April 21. This is a free event in downtown Seneca.