McClain sentenced in Theft Ring

A man has plead guilty to his involvement in a theft ring that had been operating in Anderson County for months during 2011. Tenth Circuit Solicitor Chrissy Adams announces that Tommy McClain plead guilty and the Honorable Alex Macaulay sentenced him to 5 years for burglary in the third degree, 10 years for one count of grand larceny, 5 years each for three counts of grand larceny, 10 years for one count of receiving stolen goods, 5 years on each of four counts of receiving stolen goods, and 5 years for possession of a stolen vehicle. McCalin is currently serving a 6 year sentence on a probation revocation for similar charges.  Although the state requested that the 10 year sentence imposed for these charges run consecutively with the probation revocation, the Judge ordered that all sentences run concurrently.  Following an investigation lasting several months, McClain was picked up as part of an extensive theft ring. The thefts took place in various locations in Anderson County and involved mostly vehicles and heavy equipment. Many of the stolen items were recovered.