Mountain Lakes CVB changing Name

In hopes of attracting more visitors to the Golden Corner of South Carolina, the Mountain Lakes Convention and Visitors Bureau serving Oconee County has changed its name, explains President and CEO Ken Sloan. “We started the CVB ten years ago; this is our tenth year to be in the tourism business here in Oconee County. Originally, we came out as the Oconee CVB and we quickly learned that there is an Oconee County, Georgia and they had started a tourism bureau long before we did, so we had to back off. We spent several months with a lot of people in the county and we ended up with Mountain Lakes CVB. After ten years and especially with the re-branding that has gone on with the county; you see that rustic elegance logo the county adopted and Walhalla, Westminster and Seneca adopted as well and you have Destination Oconee its their brand as well, we thought it was the right time for us to go through a re-branding and follow along the same lines as the county, cities and Destination Oconee. So, we are now officially Visit Oconee SC with our new brand that looks very similar to the county. If you go to our website, you will see the brand and we would love to get some feedback for folks about what they think about it. But ultimately we are an outdoor adventure destination, so we want our brand to be very synonymous with destination aspects of the county.” To learn more