New Apartment Complex coming to Seneca

A new apartment complex is coming to Seneca. In addition, a new road is being constructed to make it easier to access Monarch Park, tells Seneca Planning and Development Director Ed Halbig. “You won’t actually be able to see it from East North 1st Street, there is going to be a new road going in that accesses the apartment complex and Monarch Park. There has been some concern as to access for the park for quit some time and this is the road that is going to address that issue. There is some activity taking place that people will be seeing in the next couple of months and obviously the development that is spurring this is a new apartment complex with 50 housing units that will be behind East North 1st Street and Monarch Park. They’ve already pulled the permits as of the month of November and they’re getting ready with ground work as we speak.” That permit approves construction of Hunter Oaks Apartments on 12.5 acres off East North 1st Street. The apartment complex will offer 1, 2 and 3 bedroom units. The estimated value of the complex is around $5.4 million.