OC closed for Holidays but Sheriff’s Office still responding to Emergencies

Oconee County government offices are closed for Christmas until Wednesday, Dec. 27, but the Sheriff’s Office is still responding to emergencies, explains Public Information Officer Jimmy Watt. “If you have an emergency situation, a call for service, you need to contact the Sheriff’s Office, please know that right through the holidays our normal and routine law enforcement operations will continue. Our dispatch will be fully staffed. We will have our normal Uniform Patrol Officers working the roads. So, normal and routine law enforcement operations go on regardless. So, you can call and our dispatchers will take your call and dispatch an officer or in the case of our dispatch if it is county fire, rescue, or one of the municipal police departments that we dispatch for, if you call 911 or the non-emergency line, 638-4111, dispatch will be fully staffed. If you need us, call us and we will be ready to respond to your call.” The recycling centers around Oconee County and the county landfill will be open from 7am until 7pm from now until January 3rd. The recycling centers and landfill will be closed on Christmas Day, Monday, Dec. 25, Tuesday, Dec. 26, and on New Year’s Day, Monday, Jan. 1, with a return to a normal schedule on Thursday, Jan. 4.