OC Parks preparing for Evacuees

As residents evacuate the coastal areas of South Carolina, Oconee County is preparing to greet some of them. The county’s three parks have hosted evacuees in the past and Oconee County Parks, Recreation and Tourism Director Phil Shirley anticipates seeing some more in the near future. “We do have a number of campgrounds here in Oconee County. It is a Clemson home game, so a number of our campsites are taken, but we have about 70-80 sites that are still open among our three parks. We are getting a few calls from folks that are evacuating that area that may have a camper and they’re wanting to also get it out of harm’s way, so they may pull it up and get it in the Upstate area. So, we’re hoping to assist any way possible. Certainly if someone calls we’re making ourselves available and hope to accommodate as many as we can to get them out of harm’s way.” Even though there is chance of rain over the next few days, it is anticipated to be a strong camping weekend for September in Oconee County.