Oconee County Sheriff Hopeful That Grant To Fund Four Deputy Traffic Unit Will Be Approved Soon

(Seneca, SC)———————————–Earlier this week, Oconee County Sheriff Mike Crenshaw gave a presentation on the Pursuit Alert App to those gathered at a luncheon of the Oconee County Chamber of Commerce. After the luncheon, the Sheriff discussed budgetary issues involving the Sheriff’s Office for the next fiscal year. 

While the employees of the Sheriff’s Office will reportedly see a 4% salary increase, the addition of one more Uniform Patrol Officer will not be in the next budget cycle, which the Sheriff said was a budget priority earlier this year. 

The Sheriff says that he is hopeful that a grant will be approved to add a four deputy traffic unit to the agency at some point soon. 

The Sheriff said he is hopeful that an additional Uniform Patrol Officer can be added to the budget next year and he is continuing conversations with County Council. 

The grant for the four deputy traffic unit, would be fully funded for three years and there would be a reapplication process involved each year. The Sheriff is hopeful that should the grant be approved that after three years, that the cost can be absorbed into the county budget as the tax base grows without any additional tax increase.