Oconee County Sheriff’s Office Debuts New Unarmed Aerial System Technology

(Seneca, SC)————————Yesterday, the Oconee County Sheriff’s Office provided a demonstration to media members of their latest technology purchase, an Unmanned Aerial System or a drone that contains a FLIR, or Forward Looking Infrared Camera. 

The $20,000 purchase was made with $17,000 in reimbursement money from FEMA in regards to Sheriff’s Office deputies who assisted with hurricane recovery efforts last year and $3,000 in money from the Sheriff’s Office budget. 

Oconee County Mike Crenshaw said that the new technology will be a tremendous asset for the Sheriff’s Office in regards to the search for missing person’s or a felon who has fled from law enforcement. 

The Sheriff went on to say that the UAS can be deployed very rapidly. And ever though the Sheriff’s Office helicopter, Ranger One, will not be grounded with the purchase of the UAS, weather conditions will dictate when the helicopter can be flown. 

Crenshaw said the UAS will give the Sheriff’s Office more options and more availability and another way to help protect the citizens of Oconee County.