Oconee County Sheriff’s Office Releases October 2020 P.A.C.E. Team Statistics

The Oconee County Sheriff’s Office is releasing today the October 2020 P.A.C.E. (Pro-Active Criminal Enforcement) team statistics, as well as stats collected from Environmental Services. .

For last month, P.A.C.E. team deputies conducted 127 traffic stops, issuing 88 citations and 66 warnings. Among the violations cited last month were 16 Vehicle License violations and 27 speeding violations. For the year, P.A.C.E. team deputies have issued 169 citations for speeding and 118 Vehicle License violations while also conducting 990 traffic stops. P.A.C.E. team deputies have issued 770 citations and 606 warnings for the year so far.

P.A.C.E. team deputies also made three arrests in October of 2020, with the total of arrests for the year now standing at 18.

There were 70 calls for service regarding litter and trash for Environmental Service deputies last month, with 22 investigations conducted and five citations issued. Six litter complaints were received from T.E.L.L. Kobie last month.

13 inmate pickups were conducted for the month of October for a total of 72 inmate hours. A total of 257 bags of trash and litter were collected in October of 2020 and 11,890 pounds of litter and trash were collected last month.

So far this year, there have been 534 calls for service for Environmental Service deputies with 215 investigations conducted and 36 citations issued. 71 total litter complaints have been received through T.E.L.L. Kobie this year so far.

35 inmate pickups have occurred so far this year for a grand total of 198 inmate hours. 1,382 bags of litter and trash have been collected so far this year. A grand total of 59,223 pounds of litter and trash has been collected in 2020.