OCPL seeks help with Community Planning

The Oconee County Public Library (OCPL) is getting ready to create a new strategic plan for the library system for the next two or three years. In order to make sure that the library is responsive and remains a center of the community, the OCPL is having a community planning meeting on Thursday, Feb. 22, from 6-9pm at the main library in Walhalla. “We will be having an outside moderator come in to facilitate, Bob Moir and Janet Danforth of Facilitator4Hire, and the meeting will be focused on a community vision of where we would like Oconee County to be in the next few years. And then the library will try to come up with services and programs that can respond to at least a few of those needs. We might not be able to do everything that people come up with, but our goal is to be what our community wants us to be. Whether you’re a regular library user, or haven’t been in to the library in a while, we’d love for you to join us to have a voice in where the library should be focusing its time and resources,” said OCPL Director Blair Hinson. The meeting is open to the public.