Officers can get a jump start on Degrees at TCTC

Area law enforcement officers can now receive credit for on the job training and certification through a program at Tri-County Technical College (TCTC). Dr. Chris McFarlin, Department Head of TCTC’s Public Service Programs including the Criminal Justice Programs tells about the law enforcement portfolio program. “If you are a current law enforcement officer who has been to the Academy and works full-time for a commissioned law enforcement agency, we do have what we call the portfolio program. This allows them to come into our program and submit all the training they have received and we take that and see if there is any correlation between that training and our curriculum and if there is enough we offer up to 15 credit hours or five classes.” Dr. McFarlin says the program offers a jump-start. “I have had officer tell me they dread coming back and starting their degree because two years is a long time especially when you are working the way law enforcement officers do and it make a big difference when I am able to tell them that I have already got them a semester ahead right from the beginning. So, again that is another service that we offer and I am happy to do that for anybody interested in our program.” For more information on TCTC’s portfolio program toward a degree in Criminal Justice, call 864-646-1327.