Our Daily Rest wants to know where are Former Clients Now

Our Daily Rest is Oconee County’s only homeless shelter. This is not a drop-in, overnight shelter, but rather a program that helps people change their lives and transition to successful, independent living. It wants to know where former clients are now, explains Our Daily Rest Executive Director Lauren Richardson. “We’ll celebrate our ninth birthday on Aug. 19, but Aug. 20, starts our tenth year and that is what we are really going to celebrate. Throughout the year, we want to do several different types of events and the first one is to ask our former clients and residents: Where are you now? What are you doing? How are things going? Please let us know and you can let us know on our Facebook/OurDailyRest or by emailing [email protected].” You are also welcome to go by Our Daily Rest at 525 East Main Street in Seneca.