Remember to check the Backseat for Kids this Summer

In 2015, 24 children, ranging in age from 5 days to 4 years, died from heatstroke or suspected heatstroke after being left in cars. Within 10 minutes, the inside temperature of a vehicle can be up to 20 degrees hotter than the outside temperature. A child’s body does not have the same internal temperature control as an adult’s and can warm 3-5 times faster. Safe Kids Upstate Program Coordinator Daby Snipes says it is very important to check the backseat for kids in the summer. “A lot of times our children can fussy, noisy and whinny so you know they are back there but other times they are asleep. So that is where the dangers is involved so we need to do something to remember that you have a child with you. There are certain key chains that you can buy that has two pieces to it where one part stays on the seat. Some people put things in the backseat like purses, wallets or I even heard of people putting one shoe in the backseat. Maybe put a reminder on your visor, just something to help you remember to check the backseat. It is just getting in the routine of checking the backseat. So get in that routine of looking in the backseat when you first get into the car and make it the last thing you do when getting out of the car.” Parents are encouraged to ACT; Avoid it, Create a reminder and Take action. If you see a child in a hot vehicle, call 911 immediately. Every second counts when it comes to heatstroke.