Safe Harbor closer to OC Shelter Goal

Safe Harbor is well on its way to opening a 24/7 emergency shelter for victims of domestic violence and their children in Oconee County.  So far, the non-profit agency is more than halfway to its fundraising goal for the shelter, explains Amanda Callahan, Relationship Education Project Educator for Safe Harbor in Oconee County.  “We kicked off the campaign with a goal of $990,000 to not only but a shelter space, a new facility in Seneca, as well as three years of operations and project expenses.  We thought it would be a tough goal to meet but we have been overwhelmed by the support of Oconee County.  I am excited to report that we have reached two/thirds of that goal already.  We are at about $660,000 and our intent was to open the shelter in the beginning of 2015 and we will definitely meet that goal.” According a feasibility study conducted in 2008, 47% of Oconee County residents know someone in the county that has been a victim of domestic violence within the last year. Over half of those victims did not get help. Over half of the respondents indicated that they were likely to go to a shelter in Oconee County if one were available.  Callahan tells how to donate to the Oconee County Shelter Campaign.  “So we have the last third to go and that is always the most difficult part of a fundraising campaign, so we still need your support.  The easiest way to give is hop on our website,, and on the front page is Oconee County Shelter Campaign, click on that for all the details.  If you would rather give another way you can call 864-467-1177 for the administration office.” If $100,000 is raised for Safe Harbor’s Oconee County Shelter Campaign by September 1, 2013, Bob and Fran Hanson have pledged to match it with a $100,000 major gift towards the campaign. All donations to Safe Harbor are tax-deductible.