Santa leaves Sleigh in Seneca for Pictures at the Lunney

The City of Seneca kicked off the Christmas season Monday night with the annual parade through downtown. This year, over 160 organizations, churches and businesses had floats in the parade with Santa Clause as the finale. After the parade, Santa left one of his sleighs in Seneca for free photos at the Lunney House Museum, tells Seneca City Museums Curator Nick McKinney. “The Lunney has a new sleigh this year; its an antique sleigh. It’s essentially the photo opportunity for the city and its residents. The Lunney House Museum is always a great backdrop for photos, so bring your family and take some photos in front of the new sleigh. So, we’re really excited about it.” It is free to take family pictures in the sleigh. The Lunney House Museum is located at 211 West South 1st Street in Seneca.