SC Employment Levels reach New Highs

The number of individuals working across the state reached a new high in June, increasing by 648 people to an estimated level of 2,226,062, reports the South Carolina Department of Employment and Workforce. Unemployment decreased significantly for the third consecutive month by nearly 5,425 people to 87,080. While the state’s labor force declined by 4,777 to 2,313,142 people, seasonally adjusted jobs have increased by 3,400 over the month to a record level of 2,125,700. The changes in the state’s labor force pushed the seasonally adjusted unemployment rate to 3.8% from May’s estimate of 4%. Since June of 2017, the labor force has grown by nearly 2,637 people, and employment gains totaled 12,231. The level of unemployed was lower, declining by 9,594 people. “Businesses are continuing to hire and employment is at record level so the challenge remains providing employers with a workforce that meets their needs and pulling in more potential workers,” said Cheryl Stanton, executive director of the S.C. Department of Employment and Workforce. “The South Carolina Jobs for America’s Graduates program is one way the state is working to recognize the talent of students with barriers to graduation or employment, help them stay engaged, and identify a plan and vision for career opportunities. For eight consecutive years, this program has won a national award for exceeding all performance outcome measures; benefiting South Carolina by matching students with meaningful careers while helping businesses fill positions from the local talent pipeline.” Locally, Anderson County saw unemployment rise from 2.7% in May to 3.5% in June. Oconee County posted 2.7% in May compared to 3.7% in June. Pickens County listed unemployment at 2.8% in May and 3.7% in June. Nationally, the unemployment rate edged upward to 4% from May’s rate of 3.8%.