SDOC Board Names Finalists for District I Seat

The School District of Oconee County Board of Trustees is pleased to announce the following individuals as finalists to fill the District I Board vacancy:  

Dean Bare

Richard Blackwell 

Steve Smith

Several factors were considered during the discussion to narrow the field of candidates.  Among the many considerations, board members emphasized the need to keep a balance on the board between educators and non-educators. The board also considered the need for the northern part of the county to be represented.  

Mr. Rukat, acting chair, said, “We were overwhelmed with the response of the community – to have 12 applicants for the position was great. It shows we have people who care deeply about our schools, kids, and the community.  We want to thank all those who submitted their names for consideration. Our discussions as a board were really good. It was hard to narrow it down with such strong candidates.  In the end, we felt like this person needed to be a non-educator to help maintain balance on the board. We also wanted to make sure the northern part of the county was represented.  We look forward to interviewing these three strong candidates next week.” 

Candidates will be interviewed in a special executive session beginning at 4:00pm, Monday, October 19th.  The board hopes to announce a decision during their regularly scheduled meeting later that evening.