SDOC Sets COVID-19 Guidelines for Students & Staff

In a statement issued late Monday afternoon, The School District of Oconee County said that they continue to monitor the COVID-19 coronavirus outbreak. The district has taken several steps to help students and staff stay healthy, and they said that they have developed basic guidelines concerning students/staff returning from domestic and international travel, as well as cleaning procedures and suggestions for limiting the spread of respiratory illnesses, which include the flu and COVID-19. Those guidelines include a 14-day quarantine for any student or staff returning from a country designated as a high-risk area by the CDC. In the meantime, they and all federal, state and local health officials are encouraging everyone to practice proper hand washing; avoid frequent touching of the eyes, nose, and mouth; covering the mouth and nose with a tissue when coughing or sneezing; and staying home when you’re sick. The complete statement and guidelines set forth by the SDOC can be read here: 2020.03.09 COVID-19 Followup