SDOC Statement Regarding Seneca High School

Seneca High School is currently facing a cluster of COVID-19 cases.   Administrators at the school and district level are closely monitoring the situation and have implemented a targeted “class closure” approach to mitigate further spread.  Through tracking positive cases and close contacts, the decision was made to transition two classes to distance learning for a period of 14 days.   It is possible that more classes, and possibly the school as a whole, will be transitioned to distance learning if deemed necessary.  Those decisions will be made in consultation with the district nursing supervisor and DHEC.

Mrs. Felicia LeRoy, principal at Seneca High, said, “We have been working to identify the “center” of the cluster so we can move any student to virtual learning who may have been exposed.  It may be necessary to close another class or two, but we are fervent in our desire to continue providing face to face instruction for our students. When making these decisions, the health and safety of our students and employees are of the utmost importance.  For our students and employees in the building, we are strictly enforcing masks and social distancing guidelines.  In addition, we have completed thorough cleaning of classrooms and athletic areas affected by positive cases.  Enhanced cleaning will continue as we work to control this cluster of cases.”

When asked about the cluster, Dr. Thorsland said, “The cases are concerning and we certainly want to limit any more spread.  We have started with the class closure approach.  We saw great success with that at Seneca Middle and are hopeful it will work at Seneca High.  The spread of cases at SMS stopped when we moved the 8th grade to distance learning for 14 days. Since that time, SMS has not had another case. We appreciate the continued leadership, hard work and dedication to students shown by Mrs. LeRoy and the entire Seneca High staff as they deal with this tough situation.