December 6, 2018 Dick Mangrum
The success of Oconee’s business incubator in Walhalla could lead to the establishment of a second incubator elsewhere in the county. A committee recommendation to open a second incubator for start-up businesses is being placed on the agenda for the next meeting of County Council December 18. Dave Eldridge, coordinator for the Oconee Business Center at Walhalla’s Brown Square, says more capacity is needed, and he believes the right place for expansion would be a location in the vicinity of Clemson University. Eldridge envisions a second location the center area of the county, close enough that Clemson students and professors could pursue their business dreams. At Walhalla, in a building made available by Oconee County government, several start-up entrepreneurs have reported success. The Oconee Business Center caught the attention recently of the Ewing Marion Kauffman Foundation. Eldridge quoted a visitor from the foundation as saying he’s amazed at the success of the incubator, considering it has a small budget. Eldridge spoke Tuesday to the planning and economic development committee of county council which, by 3-0, approved a recommendation to pursue a second location.