Seneca annexes Senior Housing Development

The City of Seneca is growing, again.  At their recent meeting, the Seneca City Council approved the annexation of 11.219 acres of land for a future senior housing development.  Seneca Mayor Dan Alexander gives details.  “This piece of property was not in the city, it is annexing into the city.  If you go down Highway 130, where Bi-Lo is there is a road that turns beside Bi-Lo and there is a development there.  I believe it is around 50 units for senior citizens 55 and older.  What is real neat about this is there homes maintained by the development, so you can enjoy your home and they will take care of everything else for you.” This a million dollar development that is moving into the city, adds Mayor Alexander. “We are excited about that because it is a big development that is annexing into our city.  They are moving quickly on construction, they are getting started right now.  It is a big development, a several million dollar development that is coming into the city.”  Construction on the senior housing development is anticipated to be completed sometime next fall or winter.