Seneca breathing Life into Bertha Lee Strickland Museum

Excitement is nearing a fever pitch over the new Bertha Lee Strickland Cultural Museum in the City of Seneca.  So much so that all the seats for Thursday’s luncheon to mark the city’s observance of Black History Month have been filled.  The City will kick off its month long celebration of Black History Month at the luncheon, which will also spotlight the new museum, explains curator and director Dr. John Martin.  “The African-American culture is very prominent but it has been very quite over the years, among the community they understand, but I don’t think the public realizes and this will start this journey of making the celebration an important one and bringing the contributions of the African-American community to light.” Thursday’s luncheon at the Lunney House Museum will feature guest speaker Rebekah Dobrasko from the SC Historic Preservation Office.  Dr. Martin says the City plans to hold discussions throughout the year about what the new museum should honor and celebrate. “Probably starting in March, we will hold monthly round tables called the Strickland Roundtables where the African-American community can come fourth and express views, concerns, or whatever they have and this is to be not just a one time shot but an ongoing affair.” WSNW will have live coverage of the City of Seneca’s luncheon saluting Black History Month on Thursday starting at 11am.