Seneca Finance Committee approves HAT Funds

The Seneca Finance Committee approved three requests for Hospitality and Accommodations Tax funds Monday morning.  The HAT funds are awarded twice a year to deserving groups in the city sponsoring events that draw visitors, explains Seneca Mayor Pro-Tem Ronnie O’Kelley, who chairs the Finance Committee. “We do requests twice a year and we took the requests had the city attorney and city administrator look over them just to make sure they meet all criteria before we went to work and awarded out monies.  The Seneca Woman’s Club, Downtown Merchants Association, and the City’s Bertha Lee Strickland Cultural Museum that we are in the process of trying to renovate, totaled about $150,000.  So, we were able to meet those needs for the first half of this fiscal year.” The Seneca Finance Committee will accept requests and award the second round of funds this summer.