Seneca Mayor thanks Finance Office Workers

Since March, the City of Seneca has been searching for a new Finance Officer, Municipal Clerk, and Treasurer. On Sept. 13, the city announced the hiring of Josh Riches, a financial analysis for Santee Cooper. While administrators were interviewing candidates for the position, the Finance Office continued to run smoothly thanks to five workers, says Seneca Mayor Dan Alexander. “To the staff in the Finance Office, to each and every one of them; Casey, Cynthia, Donna, Carol, and Crystal, thank you. During that time the we didn’t have that filled, everybody had to step up and they did and glad to do it. So, I really do appreciate all their hard work because I know that it was above and beyond and we really do appreciate that. But we are excited and I think they are excited, I know they’re excited about getting a new person in, and we are looking forward to Josh coming.” Riches starts work in the City of Seneca on Oct. 2.