Seneca names New Finance Director

After a lengthy interview process with several perspective candidates, the City of Seneca announces the hiring of a new Finance Director, Municipal Clerk, and Treasurer. “I’m proud to be able to get that done. We’ve actually been going through that process for about five or six months now. We wanted to make sure that we got the right person and we definitely feel like we have been able to get the right person for that position. His name is Josh Riches. He is from Monks Corner and he is coming to us from Santee Cooper. He is a financial analysis and finance person that was his job at Santee Cooper. So, he has lots of experience on the utility side and that was something we were hoping that we could find; somebody that could deal with municipalities and have dealt with municipalities and Josh has done that. That is sort of how we know him from Santee Cooper and he put his name on the list and I’m just real excited that he was thinking about coming here and council is very excited about it. So, we were able to appoint him to that position. He actually will work his notice with Santee Cooper and he will be coming here on Oct. 2.” Mayor Dan Alexander said that the hiring was finalized Tuesday night at the regular meeting of the Seneca City Council after members met in Executive Session.