Seneca Planning Commission proposes adding 29 Acres

The Seneca Planning Commission is proposing to add 29 acres to the city limits, explains Planning and Community Development Director Ed Halbig. “The first request was for additions to a 69 acre property over on the west side of town adjacent to South Cove Road. There were four pieces that were being added to that property and the board recommended approval of that annexation. They will be zoned PDU, which is an undeveloped zoning category and at the time that the development proposal comes in, they will have to re-apply for a zoning designation for that. The second piece was 9.47 acres on the east side of town near Lindsey Road at Radnorshire Road and that was recommended to be annexed and have the zoning assignment of RM8, multi-family, eight units per acre.” These recommendations by the Seneca Planning Commission are subject to further action by the city council on Sept. 11, and Oct. 9.