Seneca seeking Consultant Agreement with Former Administrator

Over 20 years of service to Seneca has motivated the city to offer former administrator Greg Dietterick a consultant agreement. The Seneca City Council discussed the agreement during executive session of their regularly scheduled monthly meeting Tuesday night, explains Mayor Dan Alexander. “Mr. Moulder wanted to talk with Mr. Dietterick to see if he might be interested in doing some consulting. There are some things that because Greg did have 20 years of experience here that are some thing sin the back of his mind that can be very helpful to us. So, at times Mr. Moulder would like to be able to reach out to him. So, we are looking at the possibility of having some type of consulting agreement with Mr. Dietterick, so that way Mr. Moulder can call and just be able to use him as a resource for the City of Seneca.” Upon returning from executive session, the Seneca City Council approved City Administrator Scott Moulder to negotiate a consultant arrangement with Dietterick, who retired earlier this year.