Seneca spotlighting Businesses in the City

Beginning next week with the start of July, the City of Seneca will be spotlighting a business inside the city limits.  Seneca Mayor Dan Alexander says this is a new way for the City to say thank you for doing business here but also to let the community know more about them.  “We are always trying to figure out ways that we could do more to help promote local businesses.  Seneca would not be what it is today without the people that give their investment, their time and their energy to open their business here.  Therefore, our goal here is actually to share with the community through our website all the different businesses that are here in Seneca.  What we are going to be doing there is recognizing a business, tell about that business, who they are, who owns it, what services they provide or what type of product they may sell.  Juts tell a little about that business and put the spotlight on them.”  The first business spotlight is scheduled to roll out next week on the City’s website at