Seneca Voters approve Sunday Alcohol Sales

By a margin of 60 to 40, Seneca residents approved a ballot proposition to allow the sale of alcohol inside the city limits on Sunday.  Seneca Mayor Dan Alexander gives details.  “Here is some background on how this actually came up.  Other counties like Anderson and Greenville already had this in place and there was a petition to have this put on the ballot.  Some of the local businesses got enough signatures to have it put on the ballot.” Now that voters have approved the measure, it clears the way for Sunday alcohol sales within the city limits of Seneca, explains Mayor Alexander.  “I have to get with the city attorney to see when it can go into place, but you are required by law to have it on a General Election ballot posing the question of Sunday Alcohol Sales.” Mayor Alexander feels the move could lure some new restaurants to the city.  “I know some of the chain restaurants when they were looking at the Seneca market that is one thing they did factor in to their decision.  I have had a couple of restaurants that have looked here that went to Anderson because it was already in place.  So there will be people that look at that and it will be an option in making a business decision for those restaurants.” The city must now workout the legal language of the Sunday Alcohol Sales ordinance and present it to council for final approval.