Seniors, Veterans and Disabled get in Free at Parks in OC

Seniors, veterans and the disabled get in free at parks in Oconee County, explains Oconee County Parks, Recreation and Tourism Director Phil Shirley. “When we started the program, the Oconee County Council did this at the beginning of this year, I ordered enough free passes and a few extras based on previous years numbers and in six weeks we blew right through that. So, I had to order some more passes and they are in and we will be going through those pretty quick too. But, again, getting to engage people with the outdoors and exercise that is the whole purpose of the program and providing them a cost saving to come to the park. So, it has been incredibly well received by the public and we will continue to give them out as long as folks are coming in to enjoy them.” Those wanting a pass are encouraged to stop by the Oconee County Parks, Recreation and Tourism Office at South Cove County Park in Seneca.