Word has reached Seneca that state and federal money to run “CAT” buses throughout the city and into the county will be reduced during the next year by about $78 thousand. At a public hearing today, Seneca’s Ed Halbig says his city in 2020-21 can expect 717 thousand, 602 dollars thru the DOT’s Division of Mass Transit. That compares with 795 thousand, 401 dollars this year. Possible sources to make up the difference are the city of Seneca and the county of Oconee. But without the $78 thousand, Halbig says Seneca’s “CAT” operations will be forced to consider route cutbacks. Yet, the operations are able to extend the scope of one of business loop routes. Officials say starting Monday the business loop route will be extended to make stops in the Bountyland Community and Tanglewood subdivisions. Delighted to hear that was Steve Finger of the Ride to Work Ministry because by extending that run, bus service will be available to Parkway Products and the Keowee Cove apartments, among other locations.
February 6, 2020 Dick Mangrum